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Welcome to Danforth Drug Mart IDA Specialty Pharmacy in Toronto | Toronto Compounding Pharmacy

Danforth Drug Mart IDA is a special and compunding pharmacy ready to serve you! Visit our drugstore or put order online in Toronto, Canada and meet our trained and dedicated staff.

We look forward to helping you preserve your health and wellness with the Specialty pharmacy services, prescription refills, and over the counter medications we offer.

Contact Us 416-691-2225

Patient Assistance Programs - Offer Specialty and Compunding Pharmacy

We offer a wide range of specialty pharmacy services in Toronto. We also have a patient assistance program for patients who are paying part or all of their specialty medications out of pocket.

You may be eligible to get up to 10% off of the total price of your medication deducted from the portion you pay.

Call us at 416-691-2225 today.

Here at Danforth Drug Mart IDA, we have a tendency to treat on a daily basis as a chance to surpass and serve you higher. Our continuous innovation, outstanding client service approach, and sincere dedication make us the specialty pharmacy in Toronto that you simply rely on.

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The staff is always up to date with the latest medicines in the market and extremely helpful. What I really liked about them was their warm welcome and helpful attitude. I highly recommend anyone from the area to opt for them in case you need any medicine. Keep up the good job.

Jane K.

I was scampering to get my allergy medication as I just couldn't find it at my local shop. More than a referral or recommendation, this note is more of a 'Thank you' note as they were extremely helpful. The staff was very helpful and helped me get my medicine right away.