Free Delivery We offer free delivery anywhere in Toronto on all prescription and non-prescription medications. We also offer free delivery anywhere in Ontario on specialty pharmacy drugs, including biologics and drugs requiring refrigeration.

Free Blister Packs We offer a wide range of blister packs – including standard blisters, dossettes or Dispill packs, all free of charge to our patients.

Compounding We offer a wide range of compounding services, ranging from standard topical creams and oral pediatric liquids to specialized compounding services like oral capsules, vaginal suppositories, and bio-identical hormones.

Methadone/Suboxone We offer methadone and Suboxone services, including daily observe and carry doses.

Free blood pressure/glucose/A1C monitoring We offer free self-serve blood pressure monitoring in our store as well as free glucose or A1C monitoring upon request. We also offer INR monitoring to our patients in emergency situations.

Seniors Discount We offer seniors a discount of 15% off daily on non-prescription items, as well as 30% off on Thursdays.

ODB copayment We waive $3.11 from ODB copayment for eligible ODB prescriptions.

Drug Plans We accept all drug plans, including plans with a dispensing fee cap.

Home Health Care We offer a wide range of home health care products, including compression stockings, braces and walkers.

Vaccinations We offer the annual flu shot free of charge to all Ontario residents. We can also administer/inject most vaccinations.

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